General information

Email to:

  • Report a bug
  • Suggest a new feature
  • Submit general feedback or request more information

Suggest changes or additions to ROR

You can suggest changes or additions to the registry via the ROR curation request form.

Troubleshooting and support

Contact if you are experiencing any issues using ROR. You can also report issues on the ROR Github.

Service status

You can monitor service status and subscribe to status updates at


See the list of current and pending integrations. Contact to add other examples to the list.

Get involved

Join the ROR community! There are many ways to be involved to show your support for ROR. Email if you would like to join the community advisory group, add your name to the list of signatories, or contribute some modest funds toward our sustainability plan. We also have a Slack group you can join to participate in discussions.

There are slide decks and other resources available if you are attending a conference or event and planning to talk about ROR. Give us a shout and we’ll set you up with what you need.

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