ROR is a collaborative effort driven by multiple organizations and individuals. The community-based aspect of ROR sets it apart from similar efforts in this space. Wide adoption and support across the scholarly research community is central to ROR’s growth, sustainability, and success. The support is balanced across the ROR Community Advisory Group, Signatories, and financial Supporters. Also take a look at the steering organizations and project teams who are driving ROR forward, and the adopters who are integrating ROR IDs in their systems.

ROR Community Advisors ROR Signatories ROR Supporters
A broad community advisory group meets to discuss and provide input to the project teams on key aspects such as data curation processes and community engagement. ROR Signatories have officially signed on to pledge support for adopting and integrating their systems with ROR. ROR supporters are those groups who have donated funds to help the development and adoption of ROR over 2020-2021.

ROR Supporters

All of ROR’s work so far has been completed through in-kind donations from ROR steering organizations. We are committed to ROR for the long-term but we can’t move forward without dedicated community support. We are running a fundraising campaign in order to be able to scale up our operations, hire dedicated staff, and develop and deliver new features, with a plan to launch a paid service tier in 2022 to recover costs while keeping the registry’s data open and free.

ROR aims to raise $175,000 in community contributions over the next two years. As a supporter, you’ll have an opportunity to be part of this exciting community effort from the beginning and to ensure its long-term growth and success.

Calling all panthera!

What kind of animal are you? There are four types of big cats in the world that have the ability to ROAR. Our suggested supporter categories are named for these four cats. We welcome and appreciate contributions of all shapes and sizes, however!

Panthera pardus Panthera onca Panthera tigris Panthera leo

I am a Leopard and I contributed $1,000

I am a Jaguar and I contributed $3,500

I am a Tiger and I contributed $7,000

I am a Lioness and I contributed $10,000

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Clarivate Analytics
  • Curtin University
  • Dryad
  • eLife
  • UC Davis Library
  • Altum Inc.
  • Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • CWTS, Leiden University
  • German National Library S&T (TIB)
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Physical Society
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

How to become a ROR Supporter

Email to make a pledge and request an invoice.

As part of its in-kind contributions to the ROR project, Crossref will process contributions on ROR’s behalf. Crossref will report financial details and updates to the ROR Steering Group. Contributions will be used exclusively for ROR activities and spending of the funds will be approved by the ROR Steering Group.

ROR Community Advisors

The advisory group includes people from around the world and across different types of institutions/industries (libraries, platform providers, research offices, CRIS systems, vendors, funders, and more).

  • Aaron Ballagh, The Lens
  • Anita Bandrowski, UCSD
  • Christopher Brown, Jisc
  • Rebecca Bryant, OCLC
  • Marleen Burger, TIB
  • Xiaofeng (Xavier) Chen, Sous Direction des Systèmes d’Information et des Etudes Statistiques
  • Leighton Christiansen, US Department of Transportation
  • Gail Clement, Caltech Library
  • Scott Delman, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Michael Di Natale, BioOne
  • Mathilda (Tilla) Edmunds, Clarivate Analytics
  • Carolyn Grant, Astrophysics Data System (ADS), Center for Astrophysics
  • Sarah Greaves, Hindawi
  • Christian Gutknecht, Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Ted Habermann, Metadata Game Changers
  • Melissa Holden, Sage
  • Elizabeth Hull, Dryad
  • Osmat Jefferson, The Lens
  • Nicole Kearny, Museums Victoria
  • Jennifer Klein, Atypon
  • Cátia Laranjeira, PTCRIS
  • Siobhann McCafferty, Australian Research Data Commons
  • James McKee, Altum
  • Daniel Noesgaard, Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • Evan Owens, Independent
  • Robyn Price, Imperial College London
  • Markus Putnings, Universitätsbibliothek der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Howard Ratner, CHORUS
  • Carly Robinson, OSTI/DOE
  • John Salter, University of Leeds
  • Craig Scott, Elsevier
  • Alexey Skalaban, NEICON
  • Sarah Slowe, University of Kent
  • Andrew Smeall, Hindawi
  • Arthur Smith, American Physical Society
  • Martin Spenger, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Christina Steensboe, DTU
  • Peter Strickland, IUCr
  • Niklas Zimmer, University of Cape Town Libraries

ROR Signatories

“We are research organizations, librarians, platform providers, metadata services, publishers, funders, and more.

We support the ROR identifier and its future and we pledge to adopt and use ROR in our applications, tools, workflows, and communications.”

Interested in being a ROR signatory? Take the pledge here!

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